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I believe that the Media Creation Tool just makes the process easier to either update your computer or create the installation media. By downloading the latest version of the Tool, you are ensuring that you get the latest updated version of Windows.




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What is the difference between creating a media through a ISO file than creating the media directly in the USB thumb drive?

Why it should be an ISO. Why it can not be created directly in the thumb drive?




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get the media creation tool get a new copy of windows10 iso. extract it to a usb flash drive using 7zip then run setup and do an upgrade telling to keep nothing.



On 8/29/2017 5:37 PM, Pablo Morales wrote:

Hello all,

I have a weird problem with a HP computer. This computer is 64bits, and it is running windows 10 pro creator. I am noticing a lot of problems and I decided to do a reset. When I try to do the reset, the computers restarts, and later a message appear saying that there was an error resetting this computer, and it is all. No reset, no changes, no nothing. I guess that the image of the recovery in the hidden partition is corrupted, and it is why the reset is not working.

Guys, How can I do a reset in my HP computer?

I will be in very bad problems if this computer is not back working like before.

Thanks for any advice,


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