Re: Need plug-in MP3 player recommendation


I'm not aware of any accessible MP3 players with remote control
capability. We do have at least one that meets all your other
qualifications. you can see it here:

And if you're not married to the idea of having to use a thumb drive
and can use a memory card instead your choices would increase.


On 8/30/17, Mike Thomas <> wrote:
Hello group. Please allow me to give you my requirements and maybe someone
can recommend a MP3 Player or a place to look for that which I need.
I started collecting television show sitcoms and thought I'd just plug
a thumb drive into my smart television and play them while I sleep. I find
it difficult to sleep without some distraction noise. Anyway I now have
about 5500 half hour sitcom episodes on a thumb drive. I'm now thinking
that nightly running of the television is ridiculous when I could just be
using a MP3 player to play the audio files. I would require an MP3 player
capable of accepting a memory stick or card of at least 64 gigs, I want a
remote control that is capable of changing the volume, and able to go to the
next program. It would need to play the files in random order I don't know
even where to go and inquire about this kind of animal. Does anyone have
any ideas or leads?
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