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I don't think I would feel comfortable without a sighted companion either until the technology had been thoroughly put through it's paces for at least a few years. Although I'm sure that obvious complications like flat tires and breakdowns would be taken into consideration.
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There is that saying of "never say never" I'm sure people said similar things when talking about a man on the moon, automobiles, women voting, and things like that. Now it seems impossible, but who is to say what will be possible in 5, 10, or even 15 years?
Personally as someone who only lost there sight 8 years ago and had over a decade of experience driving ... this idea has its merits and disadvantages. I can't see myself relaxing enough for the car to drive itself without the presence of another person who can see and operate the car if there is an emergency. Also, the self-driving car aside, human drivers can be freaking nuts. Not only would you worry about the safety of the car but also other drivers reactions. Anyone familiar to what happens when people come upon a car with the "student driver"
listed on it? Some people act totally weird about them. The same for police cars and motorcycles. No matter what technology happens the human factor will always add that bit of unpredictability to it. Plus, there is the question of what if something breaks on the car or it has a flat tire? I, luckily, never had a flat tire, but I had the tie-rod on my front end break. I think that is worse than a flat tire myself--the tie-rod is that bar that connects the left and right tire together--I credit being able to pull over on the freeway and not hitting the cemet guard rail to having had years of experience with driving video games. lol Some how the phrase "putting the cart before the horse" keeps sounding off in my head. It looks good on paper, but when you think harder on it you start to see the possible draw-backs.

kk, done with my essay now,
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