CD printing, revisited

Walter Ramage

Hi.  A little while ago I asked on this list about the feasibility of printing onto CD labels.  From what I can gather this is not practical without sighted assistance, or at least I didn't notice anybody saying it was possible without sighted assistance.  Carlos mentioned Lightscribe discs which are no more but I have since discovered that although Lightscribe isn't an option Inkjet printing is.  It would appear that you can print directly onto discs that are inkjet printer compatible and Amazon sells those discs.  Therefore can anybody recommend an Inkjet printer that will print on to inkjet discs?  I do appreciate that the interface may not be very blind friendly, if at all but if I had sighted help it should be OK, I hope.  I understand that Canon printers will handle those printable discs but I don't really know if they are good printers for this purpose.  Some of the reviews on Amazon were very mixed.  One person asked if the printer will print on to discs and another person responded that "apparently it does if you can get it to do so" and that doesn't inspire confidence.  The problem with reviews  in my mind is they are not objective and hence I never really read them but my friend loves reading them and she read that one out to me.  So, can anybody recommend a good quality inkjet printer that will print directly on to CD and one that doesn't require a master's degree in computing to get it to do so?  With many thanks.  Walter.

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