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Hi Olusegun,
Some good info here for my research thankyou. A 7,500 pound gorilla, and
he's not even barely functional! Wow, now that's a scarey thing LOL!

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Bob, batteries on Android phones DO NOT START fires! Samsung had an issue
with the battery in its Note7, and that's nothing to do with Android as an
operating system. Please DO NOT share info that's misleading or
disingenuous! In Android land, we can sync all day long with all our
devices to our hearts' content.

In iOS land, there are numerous versions as well; iOS8 isn't the same as
iOS3 or even iOS5! iOS11 will soon hit the marketplace, and it won't ever
be the same as iOS9 or of any other previous incarnation. Let's find a way
to present only the true facts based on personal experience or as gathered
from fair comparison sources. Your post reminds me of what adaptive
technology companies do: They put a deprecated OS in a Braille Notetaker
and try to tell unsuspecting blind folks how well their new product line
will cook you a meal, wash clothes and iron them, clean your bathroom, et
al! In the end, the blind individual figures out a way to raise enough
funds to purchase it; in less than 24 hours or thereabout, he or she finds
out that the product just purchased is lackluster. The return period is
over, and the individual is STUCK with a 7,500-pound gorilla that's barely

Independence rocks my boat; Android and Windows give this to me
consistently. I'm working at ditching the latter because my preferred
screen reader for it became deprecated and will no longer be produced. I'm
not, however, going to tell any blind individual to put their boat to sea
the way I've done mine especially since our needs may not likely be the same
all across the board.

In the period I have been an Androidean, I have never ever found a
virus-laden app in the PlayStore. And yes, I am an APP JUNKY, always trying
out new apps for usability and accessibility. Perhaps I've been using the
wrong fish hooks, but, I've had great catches! Bob, if you've ever
downloaded an Android app that had viruses, please share the app name! I
promise you, I will download the same app and give it a good run and report
back. Personally, I've never downloaded any iOS app. Be that as it may, I
did play pretty well with the iPhone numerous times. In the end, Android
fitted snugly in my hands and I have NO REGRETS flying its kite! I know for
sure I can run with an iOS device should the need arise; until then, let
Android and the freedom and independence it offers me reign supreme!

Denver, Colorado

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