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Wow, after one year, you would need a battery! Yes, I use my phone quite often as well, either working with the apps on my phone, or playing Apple music, or listening to the news etc, and yes the batteries do get weak, but I still haven't had to replace the batteries as of yet, and I've been using my phone for 3 in a half years. If batteries might be a concern, you have the choice of insurance in which it might cover the batteries.
Just a thought.
Lots of luck in determining which phone you will choose.

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Also with as much as I use my phone. I know a battery in a IPhone after for year would totally need to be replaced. I have only had my second 6s plus for a year after my first one had issues and I notice the battery not being nearly as good as it use to be. I guess it's good I am probably going to get the battery replaced before I upgrade sometime this year beginning of next. Would prefer sometime soon but I am not sure wich phone I want just yet. I will know more after the I phone release, but the lg v30 is calling my name as well because of all the really nice audio and video stuff it will be able to do.

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Well, the original poster did ask for opinions. And isn't sharing
opinions in part the point of the list?
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I try to avoid this particular subject because I know there are as
many opinions as members. I just want to add a couple of things. First
of all, I have an old IPhone 4 which is seven years old still running
on the original battery so not sure why people thing being able to
change batteries is a big concern.
Second while there are Android phones which are less expensive, go
price a Pixel or a Nexus phone and you will find the cost right up
there with the IPhone.
Enough from me.

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I don't use either one and I don't know enough about the subject to
have a preference, ut one factor that hasn't been discussed is that
you can't replace batteries yourself in Apple portable devices. This
may be an important consideration if you intend to keep the device and
use it long enough that one or more battery replacements are required.

Depreciation may be a consideration but if, as is my impression, you
can get a good Android device for much less than an Apple portable
device, that may go some or a long way to mitigate the greater depreciation.

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Good Morning:

Without a doubt, I would stay with Apple.
As stated above by others, if expense is an issue, Android phones
are less expensive. However, Apple is far more secure, has
significantly more accessible apps, is compatible with their other
devices, and do not depreciate nearly as much.
Have a great day.


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> Hi Kathy,
> Welcome! This is a great tech list. What I would suggest as far as
> deciding between an iPhone and an Android, it really depends on
what apps
> you would want, or what you want to do with your phone. Apple’s
phones are
> just way to expensive, and Apple needs to do a lot more to improve
> devices. Android has come along way regarding accessibility. If you
> haven’t ever done any research on the Android phones, you just might
> consider it now. I have an iPhone as well, and I’ve worked with
it for
3 in
> a half years, and I flat out refuse to ever purchase another Apple
> but please don’t get me wrong, my phone is completely accessible,
but in my
> opinion, they’re not worth the money. Do yourself a big favor,
and do some
> serious researching before purchasing any iDevice.
> Janet
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> Hi my name is Kathy, I am new to this list, I am looking to
upgrade my cell
> phone, currently I have a 6s apple cell phone some say get the galaxy
> others say apple iphone any suggestions or opinions?
> Kathy

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