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Olusegun has a good point here. I just might take him up on his suggestion
in purchasing a cheap Android, but not having the rotor on the phone, I'm
not sure how I would feel about that. I just love tinkering with all these
new smart phones with the touch screens. I thought I wouldn't ever adapt
to the touch screens, but since I bought my iPhone, I love the touch screens
in which at that time were very new to me. Lots of luck in determining what
you might do.

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Kathy, since you already have an iPhone, it might be better to stick with
what you already know. This reduces confusion and frustration. That aside,
if you love exploration and enjoy tinkering with new toys, grab the
cheapeast Android phone you can find, play with it, and, if it fits the bill
and lives up to your humble expectation, then wrap your arms around the
Android ecosystem.

There will be some new learning curves! Do NOT ever expect an Android to
mimick an iPhone except for the Galaxy S Series post S5 which has some
semblance to the iPhone. However, depending on how you obtain your phones,
it is a flagship toy that will be pricey. More ounces of patience will be
needed to learn some new techniques--example, perhaps you are used to the
Rotor on your iPhone; the Android OS DOES NOT include a rotor, but the same
tasks can still be performed.

Again, keep your current phone, get a cheap Android phone and learn as much
as you can about Android in general before flipping the switch. And, if you
are happy with what you currently have, keep running with it unless you
enjoy exploring and tinkering with new toys! I hope the foregoing is a bit
helpful as you map out your plans.

Denver, Colorado

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