Re: JAWs, How do I-again?

Mauricio Molina



If you want a list of speech profiles already created, the keystroke is JAWS Key+Control+S.


If you want to create a new speech profile, well, the JAWS Key+J should get you started by bringing up the JAWS context menu. Another way to bring up the JAWS context menu is to press Enter on the JAWS icon on your desktop. Of course, this may depend on which version of JAWS and whether you have JAWS running from the system tray and not in the Alt+Tab rotation.






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Subject: [TechTalk] JAWs, How do I-again?


Hi there folks!

I think I might have ask this before but don't remember now.  But, where do I go to find the speech profiles in jaws? I thought I pressed the insert J to bring up the menu and made a choice from the menu.  Problem I press the insert J and nothing seems to happen..? Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and furthermore, what the correct keystrokes are? THANKS Much! de


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