Re: new member with question on android or apple phones

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Janet wrote in part:

"A 7,500 pound gorilla, and he's not even barely functional! Wow, now
that's a scarey thing LOL!"

More than scary dear sister! When an adaptive equipment is supposed to
enable me keep pace with something in the mainstream, yet it puts and pulls
me farther back, it ought to be scary! I make noise daily to mainstream app
developers about MAKING their apps more accessible; but the equipment I must
use to read it is so badly watered down it's a fright. Worst still, the
makers of my adapted equipment keep coming up with WONDERFUL untenable
excuses as to why they had used a DEPRECATED OS! I'm supposed to swallow
the bitter pill, be glad I could write a check to pay someone's salary in
their establishment and never forget that the blind before me never had such

And with that, I'll quit sulking, lick my wounds and dry my tears, but cling
on to my Shiny Android in the mainstream for some comfort that I'm not
supposed to have!

Denver, Colorado

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