Rob Hudson <rob_hudson_3182@...>

my initial impressions of this program are not very favorable.
When you run
You land on what is announced as a tab control. Tabbing around produces two announcements of the word pane, followed by a link that says
I am assuming that your locations are various tabs in the interface.
To access the settings, you have to press the applications key; something that is not immediately obvious at all. Or edit the xml file.
In order to read the weather conditions one must use screen review keys such as object nav in NVDA or the jfw cursor. The information is not presented in a readily accessible form. And even if you do use the screen review functions, some of the information is truncated.
So, from a screen reader point of view, this program is rather clunky to use. You can access the information you want, but you have to jump through a few hoops to get it.

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