Re: Is it possible to disable/enable the screen on a laptop? If yes--how?


Just keep in mind that will only be in effect until you reboot the system and some people reported it did not work on Windows 10. On Windows 10 the option also has a different name.
"Second Screen"
I believe.

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I will have to try that as soon as I get a hold of it. I'll let you know… Thank you

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I know that I can still do it on my windows 7 installation, the Windows key plus p and selecting projector completely blackens out my display, but I can't remember now if it worked exactly the same when I had 10 installed.
Take care.

On 9/7/2017 11:55 PM, Missa wrote:
I'm getting a new laptop (for me anyway) tomorrow and I'm making notes
for stuff to do when I am setting it up. I already looked up the info
on how to toggle the touchpad on and off, but I've not found the right
article for turning off my screen/display.
It is a Lenovo L 540 (I'm not 100% about this but I am decently sure
about it.) It will also have Windows 10 Professional, 64 bit with the
most recent upgrades.
Is it possible to do this? I say this because I plan on using it
during my trip which means possibly in the airport or airplane and I
don't want people to look at my stuff. I don't care if I've nothing to
hide I just think it is rude to do so.

any suggestions are welcome, thanks

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