Re: My brand new laptop,Dell, has crapped out


If you tell us what problem you are having, you might get help.  As far as purchased warranties are concerned, I consider them a waste of money for computers.  If a computer is going to develop problems, it is far more likely to do so early in its use, I think the figure is within 200 hours.  So use the computer enough during the free warranty period to see if it develops any problems.  Beyond that point, problems may develop but they are much less likely and you probably won't have problems of a hardware nature for many years, perhaps longer. 
But as I said, whatever problems you are having with the warranty now, if you tell us the problem or problems you are having with the computer, list members may be able to help.

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Subject: [TechTalk] My brand new laptop,Dell, has crapped out

I got the laptop this week and my friend/tutor spent  six hours setting it up.  I was thrilled.  I purchased a oneyear”prime”service plan which promised in home service.  I called them and after spleaking to five people before I was in the correct department,  I was informed that I needed a sighted person to do some kind of trouble shooting before someone would come out.  The field person only replaces parts.  They say that he can’t do any trouble shooting.  I feel that I’ve been screwed and told them so.  This is the sixth or seventh dell I’ve bought and the last one.


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