Re: My brand new laptop,Dell, has crapped out

Pamela Dominguez

Well, I hope they didn’t download another virus for you!  That sounds reprehensible that they would not make sure that you would not get a virus when they worked on it.  Pam.

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Oh Yeah,

I forgot to say when I bought a Dell computer several years ago, and after I had it for at least 2 or 3 weeks, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it I just knew it wasn’t working right.  I called Best Buy because that is where I bought the computer from, and they sent a technician to my house, and he told me I had a virus.  The technician told me Best Buy downloaded a virus when they installed Windows Xp!  Best Buy told me to just come into the store and pick out another computer, and that I did! 



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one of my friends got a dell and turned it on and had to send it back because the hard drive was broke.



On 9/10/2017 4:44 PM, Jeffrey Schwartz wrote:

I got the laptop this week and my friend/tutor spent  six hours setting it up.  I was thrilled.  I purchased a oneyear”prime”service plan which promised in home service.  I called them and after spleaking to five people before I was in the correct department,  I was informed that I needed a sighted person to do some kind of trouble shooting before someone would come out.  The field person only replaces parts.  They say that he can’t do any trouble shooting.  I feel that I’ve been screwed and told them so.  This is the sixth or seventh dell I’ve bought and the last one.


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