Re: I am getting too much base when using win amps.


Winamp has an equilizer. 
Use the command alt g to open the equalizer when you are in Winamp.  Control tab to move to it.
JAWS will tell you if you are increasing or decreasing different bands.  I don't recall now if the numbers, 1 2 3 4 5, etc. on the main keyboard increase or decrease the band.  The letters below the numbers do the opposite.  So q does the opposite of 1.  W does the opposite of 2, etc. 
You turn on the equalizer with n.  You turn it off with n.  It's a toggle.  You can start something playing, then control tab to the equalizer and adjust the bands to see how you want to adjust them.  I don't remember if 0 and p do anything or not.  1 and q adjust the base and 2 and w adjust the higher base frequencies.  The farther you move to the right on the key board, the higher the frequency band is that you adjust, just like on a physical equalizer.  If you turn the equalizer off with n, no settings are lost.  You can turn it on again and use the same settings.  After you adjust the equalizer and decide if you want it on or off, if you want to close it, you can.  It's the same command you used to open it, alt g.  Then after you close it, control tab back to the main window.  If the equalizer is on, it will continue to be on even though you have closed the equalizer Window.

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Is there any way to reduce the base at all? I am using the latest build of win amps, and windows ten and jaws 18. Jim

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