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You talk about refusing to switch to Firefox in your previous message, but then you talk about lack of independence.  It is exactly this kind of thinking that leads to less independence.  If you want more independence, you should use any tools which are available.  First of all, you don't have to switch to Firefox.  You can just install an older portable version to use with WebVisum.  Who knows, you might decide that you like Firefox after all, but even if not, you can just continue to use IE and switch to Firefox only when you need to solve captchas with WebVisum.  Installing a second browser will not prevent you from continuing to use your preferred browser.

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Thanks Michael,

The worst part of being blind, in my experience, is the loss of independence.  I guess that I’ll have to give in on this one and call my wife in.



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Hi Jeff,


There is Web Visum, but I don’t believe it works with the latest versions of Firefox, and it will not work with Internet Explorer at all. There is one that requires a monthly subscription called Captcha Be Gone, around $5 per month, and you have to subscribe to the one for the browser that you use. The last time I checked, the versions for Firefox and Google Chrome had not been released yet, but that has been quite a while ago. I tried the one for IE, but had no luck from it. I have found that listening very closely to the audio captchas and replaying them is the best method of solving them. Over time your ear can be trained to understand what they are saying without too much trouble. Sometimes there is an option to download a mp3 file of the captcha, and Windows Media Player typically plays the voices much clearer than the web player does. That’s the best I can give you on this subject.






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Is there a program to help with these buggers?  Even with the auditory version,  the speech is poor and even if I could hear it, my memory fils me when I get to the edit field



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