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I am copying and pasting from one of my older replies so the following may contain some information you are already aware of.
1. Go to the main Rumola website here
2. Highlight the link labeled
.. RUMOLA ....
with the Tab key (not the Arrow keys). It is important to use the Tab key since the Arrow keys may or may not properly highlight the link.
3. After you have highlighted the link with the Tab key, press the Applications key and choose
"Add to favorites..."
from the context menu.
4. In the
"Create in"
combo box, select
"Favorites Bar".
Once you have added Rumola to the Favorites Bar, you can select it from the
Favorites Bar directly or from the
menu.  The simplest method is probably to press Alt A to activate the
menu and then select it from the
"Favorites Bar"
submenu.  It will tell you that you have no credits and offer to take you to
a page on the Rumola website where you can purchase credits. After the purchase
is complete, an account is automatically created for you and you will
receive a confirmation Email containing login information. However, the
account information is not required to use your credits. You can immediately
start using Rumola. The login information consists of the Email you provided
during the purchase and a password which is also automatically generated.
The account only seems to be needed if you are using the extension in one of
the supported browsers or want to check the number of credits you have left.
Note that you cannot change the account password yourself. If you lose it
you can request that a new one be sent to your Email address. If you test
Rumola on a page which has no captcha, you will receive a message stating
that a captcha was not found on this page. If a captcha is found, then it
will be silently filled in so you have to check the results since there is
no alert of any kind.

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I've  installed Rumola.

How do I start using it to pass captias?
  On 12/09/2017 1:16 PM, Carlos wrote:
It doesn't matter that WebVisum doesn't work with newer versions of Firefox.  You can use it with an older portable version such as 52 and only run it when you need to solve captchas.  And there are less expensive alternatives than Captcha Be Gone that work with other browsers such as Rumola.
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Hi Jeff,

There is Web Visum, but I don’t believe it works with the latest versions of Firefox, and it will not work with Internet Explorer at all. There is one that requires a monthly subscription called Captcha Be Gone, around $5 per month, and you have to subscribe to the one for the browser that you use. The last time I checked, the versions for Firefox and Google Chrome had not been released yet, but that has been quite a while ago. I tried the one for IE, but had no luck from it. I have found that listening very closely to the audio captchas and replaying them is the best method of solving them. Over time your ear can be trained to understand what they are saying without too much trouble. Sometimes there is an option to download a mp3 file of the captcha, and Windows Media Player typically plays the voices much clearer than the web player does. That’s the best I can give you on this subject.


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Is there a program to help with these buggers?  Even with the auditory version,  the speech is poor and even if I could hear it, my memory fils me when I get to the edit field



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