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Correction. Looks like the 256 model is $150 more. Either way, if you’re in for $700, then going the extra $150 for a much larger amount of storage is the more cost effective move. And again, beats the prices the 16 GB iPhones used to go for. They’ve in short lowered their prices, not by actually lowering the price, but scaling up what you get for the price points you’re used to paying by now.


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They start at $699.00 actually.  Back in the day the 16 GB model cost you $650.00 but now for $50 more, you can get 64 GB which used to be the max size and for $100 more, you can get four times the storage. Not to mention all the extra technology that is now included with these models. So yeah, try again.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Cost of New IPhone



Remember how everyone was hoping that the price of an IPhone would eventually come down as manufacturing costs were reduced by economies of scale?  Well, guess what?  Just the opposite is happening.  Apple announced the much anticipated IPhone 8 today, and it willsell for $799.  And the new IPhone X, which features facial recognition will sell for a ridiculous $999.  But hey,all the Apple lovers on this list are probably just licking their chops to get their hands on one of them, even though they may have to go on a macaroni and cheese diet to afford one.





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