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you can't say they won't ever use that space. I have a 64 gb IPhone
and I have ran out of space a couple times. Do you also forget some
people take lots of pictures and 4K video is a thing as well. Not
everyone wants to keep everything in the cloud. Also I see nothing
wrong with face id, I am happy with using a device that has touch id
for now but who knows I might not always feel this way.

On 9/12/17, Jeffrey Schwartz <> wrote:
There are people on the net who buy them, do any repairs necessary and sell
them to people looking for a bargain. If I were in the market for an
Iphone, I would go to one of these sights and get the last version for a
huge savings. Most of the Iphone imnprovements are bogus. We will have
people standing in line to pay two hundred for facial recognition and more
space which they will never use.
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Carlos <> wrote:
Not necessarily, because many cell providers will also allow you to
trade in your outdated model for a significantly discounted price as
newer models are released.

What happens to those old phones anyway. I always wondered that.

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