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I had one of the older nokia n86 phones with knfb on it. got it off ebay for maybe $200 or so. That was a good many years ago. I never could get very good results with it either. For some reason the android phones and iPhones seem to work lots better with knfb reader.

On 9/12/2017 5:30 PM, Pamela Dominguez wrote:
Yes; that’s what I have.  I don’t have a smart phone; I have the n95, but it has the KNFB mobile reader.  That’s why I bought it.  Otherwise, I would have a much simpler phone.  Pam.
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Are you using KNFB Reader?  If not, that will make a huge difference.  KNFB Reader is almost considered the gold standard when scanning with a smart phone these days.
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I don’t find that scanning stuff with my phone works well, most of the time.  Pam.
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or for $250 you could get a moto e 4th gen plus smartPhone, plus knfb reader. then scan your stuff and save to dropbox to sink to the computer.


On 9/12/2017 4:00 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:
If you don’t want to spend $1000 to purchase a new copy of Open Book, another text to speech program you might want to consider is DocuScan Plus from Serotek, which only costs $400.  Keep in mind that DocuScan Plus is not as feature rich as Open Book, but it might well suffice for your needs if all you want to do is read simple documents.  Also keep in mind that Serotek is on shaky ground these days, having recently lost its chief programmer, and so its future is uncertain.  For more info about DocuScan Plus:
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For the member who told me it was now one fifty, I just called vfo and it is now one thousand   Things are really changing at vfo.


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