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Hey Olusegun,
Watch those restless legs they might cost you some money! Lol! My restless
legs will be on the prow tomorrow at the T-Mobile store! I can't wait! So
a Galaxy Note8 it's a warping $949 and change, and can you believe they
actually charge change! Lol! I thought I might be leaving Apple land, but,
I'm not sure now. I just might stay with yesterday's wine as well! Between
my restless legs, and yesterday's wine, there's no telling where I might end
up! Lol! I don't eat much cookies either, but if I do, Oreo is the only
cooky I will eat!

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Gerald, my restless legs happened to have wandered into an AT&T store today
for what I don't really know. Whilst there, I took the time to check out
the Galaxy Note8; it's a warping $949 and change if you purchase it
outright. Hmm, I didn't want macaroni and cheese with fish for dinner like
my sister Janet; so, I convinced my restless legs to walk and wander out
just they did going into the store!

Oh BTW, did I mention that the Galaxy Note8 runs on Android Oreo? A good
snack for some, but I don't really eat cookies and Oreo may have much too
much sugar for my liking!

I'll drink yesterday's wine, reuse the bottle for newer wine and stay merry!

Denver, Colorado

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