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As I said, it doesn't matter. What is most logical is not always most feasible. If you don't have $700 to pay out of pocket, then you just don't have it. People will choose the option they can afford.

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Carlos, they give you 100 dollars for your old phone. They are making much
more money than 100 dollars. It is a business, none of them are going to
lose money. Always buying a phone through a contract is more expensive. No
monthly but at the end you pay more than buying the phone directly to apple
or google or whom ever.
It is a business, and they are not going to lose money, either apple or
either the phone companies.

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Not necessarily, because many cell providers will also allow you to trade in
your outdated model for a significantly discounted price as newer models are
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Carlos <carlos1106@...> wrote:
Most people get an iPhone the same way they get any other expensive
smart phone, as part of a contract or deal with the cell provider.
Yeah but then you get gouged with interest and other surcharges, which makes
the phone more expensive over the term of the contract lol. So it's probably
cheaper relatively speaking to just plunk down your credit card and go on
that canned tuna diet.

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