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If it’s a snail, that's either because your computer is underpowered or because of some other problem.  Microsoft has a diagnostic tool you can run that will tell you if your computer is capable of running Windows 10.  someone will, I hope, provide information about where to find it and how to run it.  It may not be necessary to look at the specefications of your system.  The tool should evaluate all that. 
Perhaps Windows 10 will run faster or a little faster on your machine but either something such as a hardware problem, malware, or an underpowered machine is causing it to run very slowly now and I doubt Windows 10 will run that much better.  Is it worth going through the trouble to upgrade if the machine is so slow now?  I'll let others with more technical knowledge than I have discuss the matter further.

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] determining CPU and ram on windows 8.1 computer

good to know.  I've noticed that 8.1 is a snail compared to xp.
thanks again

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Try pressing the Windows key to open the start menu and type “System information” with no quotes into the search field then press enter. This will open the system summary window. Tab one time and then you should be able to arrow through all of the information about your computer. It will tell you what type of processor you have and at what speed it is running in GHz. You will also see how much RAM (memory) that you have installed, how much is being used and how much is available. Just ALT + F4 to close when you have the information that you need. If your computer is currently running Windows 8.1, then it will run Windows 10 with no problems. Win 10 is  smaller and less resource demanding than Windows 8.1 is.






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Subject: [TechTalk] determining CPU and ram on windows 8.1 computer


In windows 8.1 how might I determine the CPU speed/power, and the ram on the machine?


I'm sure my system can support windows 10, but want to make sure before I start the install.





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