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Carolyn Arnold

Pablo, you are saying what I want to hear. Do you buy your
phone separately from a carrier, and if not, where to you
get them? We can get the very best plan at Consumer
Cellular, but they do not have an accessible phone
available. Where could I buy a feature phone with GSM
capability, then take it to Consumer to get started with
them? Thanks.

Best from,


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Carlos, that choice is more expensive. You are paying the
cost of a phone through a contract because the montly
payment is higher than without the phone. More over if you
switch the company they are going to charge you very
expensive penalties. I always buy my phones unlocked and
directly to the brands, never through a contract.

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When are you going to get it through your head that many
people, blind or otherwise, are not paying for the full
price of an iPhone out of pocket? No matter how many times
it has been explained, you keep harping on this point. Most
people get an iPhone the same way they get any other
expensive smart phone, as part of a contract or deal with
the cell provider. Not that I'm an Apple fan myself, but it
makes no sense to stubbornly cling to a misconception which
has been explained over and over.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Cost of New IPhone

Remember how everyone was hoping that the price of
an IPhone would eventually come down as manufacturing costs
were reduced by economies of scale? Well, guess what? Just
the opposite is happening. Apple announced the much
anticipated IPhone 8 today, and it willsell for $799. And
the new IPhone X, which features facial recognition will
sell for a ridiculous $999. But hey,all the Apple lovers on
this list are probably just licking their chops to get their
hands on one of them, even though they may have to go on a
macaroni and cheese diet to afford one.


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