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Hi Lenron,
Thank you. Exactly, my sentiments!

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Wow so many people wining about how others choose to spend cash. Why does it matter if someone can afford the extra 23 dollars a month to lease the latest and greatest device and then purchase it at the end or trade up for the next that's totally up to them. Just like if you got 600 bucks or more laying around and you wish to drop that all at once on a device. Personally if I plan on staying with a company for a while why not take advantage of the deals I can get by leasing. Makes it so I don't have to drop that cash on a device out right if I want to trade up every year. Everyone has some kind of vice I am sure they would spend money on anyways. So you just have to think what's important to you and move on. As far as pictures they are a good way to preserve a memory. I suppose audio clips would do they same for a blind person, but you might want pictures for sharing. Who knows how good AI will be at telling you what a photo is in a few years. Tap tap see seems to do a pretty good job now.

On 9/13/17, Pablo Morales <> wrote:
Yes, they do. When every month they have problems to pay their bills,
or when they try to buy something and they can't save money is when
they notice it. The problem is that they are not understanding how
works this business.
We notice it, but whe are not thinking why it happen.

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Most people don't notice that, or they don't seem to care, as long as
they don't see the price all at once. Pam.

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Carlos <> wrote:
Most people get an iPhone the same way they get any other expensive
smart phone, as part of a contract or deal with the cell provider.
Yeah but then you get gouged with interest and other surcharges, which
makes the phone more expensive over the term of the contract lol. So
it's probably cheaper relatively speaking to just plunk down your
credit card and go on that canned tuna diet.

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