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Carolyn Arnold

Evidently, according to what we read, it is possible. The
picture looks very similar to my LG Haven.

I'll let you know.

Best from,


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But I remember when this phone was discussed previously,
there was no indication that navigation was possible using
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It will have Voice Assistant - That is Samsung's
program. I do not know, but think that if I don't like it
as well as
TalkBack, I can download that. All smart phones have
capability - way more than one representative has told me
that over
the past few days.
I knew that, but they substantiated that. I was having a
hard time
finding a feature phone with text-to-speech. I'm sure
they're there,
and certainly for CDMA, as Accessible Electronics has two
phones with good accessibility.
I checked with them to see if they had any with GSM, but
they did not.
One good thing, they got through the storm OK.

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Does it have speech?

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A good guy from one of the lists directed us to E-Bay for
the phone of
my dreams. I am really happy about what I got - a gold
Samsung Galaxy
Folder 2 - just what I have been wanting! It is a smart
phone with
buttons. My husband looked at the picture, and also found
description and read it. It has the dial as well as the
buttons. Now, we can get that great plan with Consumer

So, here is what I want to ask about apps, if any of you
know what to
check for. What are apps called for the following?

Color identifier
Currency reader
The one that reads packages and print

Can you think of more that I should get?

Best from,


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