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Okay, the closest indication I have found so far that navigation with physical buttons may be possible is in this article
where it says,
"Available in South Korea, Samsung positions the device as providing the intuitiveness of flip phones, but with smartphone features.
The former is achieved by a large keypad, with separate shortcut buttons for contacts, texting, social, and camera next to the D-pad. Just above are the
familiar Android navigation bar buttons, but in physical form.".

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I haven't looked at much information but it appears to me that the buttons are used for dialing numbers and for typing letters using the 2 equals A, B, C, system.  I haven't read much so I don't know if the numbers do more but I'm not optimistic that they do or that they do much more. 
This is a touch screen phone and, as I've said before, sighted people may be interested in writing letters and numbers not using a touch screen but not in navigating the phone in that way.
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I would hold off on the celebrations as there is no clear indication I have
found so far about what is and isn't possible using buttons on the Folder 2.
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> Sis Carolyn wrote in part:
> "I'm so excited. Not only was I able to get one with buttons, but an
> Android
> at that. The Folder 2 is here now, selling on Amazon and E-Bay."
> thanks for beating me to the punch!  After spending several hours editing
> a
> number of crazy business-related legal forms and documents, I've now just
> sat down to begin trying to prove myself wrong about the Folder II!  I'm
> so
> happy for you and it is grand to know that Amazon does sell it.  I have an
> older uncle who wants a toy just like the Folder II, I guess I can now
> surprise him with one.  See, dearest sis, you have this new toy technology
> down to a science; may be we should consider crowning you an Android
> Senior
> Apostle!
> As for apps, I'd like for you to play with the phone for a few shiny days,
> then we'll worry about some apps you can use.  Of course, it will depend
> on
> what you are trying to accomplish as well.
> Again, congratulations!  Persistent hardwork does pay off in the end, you
> have just taught me something I far too often ignore especially when my
> restless legs go prowling!
> Sincerely,
> Olusegun
> Denver, Colorado

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