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I don't know if you are referring to the Folder 2, but if so then no. It does not have a qwerty keyboard. It seems to have a numeric keypad for dialing and texting like on other flip/feature phones.

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Talk to T-Mobile about donating a Galaxy Note8, well, you can bet I surely
will try! No promises though! Lol! I heard a rumor T-Mobile is going to
be having a better deal in a few weeks, so my restless legs slowed down
today. I'm going to take the chance of waiting it out to see what the next
deal is! Just out of curiosity, is the Android keypad laid out like the
keyboard on a pc?


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Sis Janet wrote in part:

"Watch those restless legs they might cost you some money! Lol! My
restless legs will be on the prow tomorrow at the T-Mobile store!"

Hmm, whilst there, could you convince TMobile to donate a Galaxy Note8 to
EPF? Who knows ... They might donate two, one for you and one for me!

A donation from TMobile to the Empty Pocket Foundation will be a good tax
write-off for TMobile in 2017 and maybe that will challenge me to write
better since I'll be using a note just like a book!

As for my restless legs, it's a shame they don't speak or understand
English! They speak a deprecated language that's nameless, but my poor,
memory-chip infested brain keeps obeying their commands! I'll sentence them
to three months in jail for daring to wander.

As for yesterday's wine, if you still wish to explore Android, the likes of
LG K10 or LG V10 should be reasonably-priced now especially since the LG V30
will soon hit the marketplace. You could also look at Galaxy S6 although it
doesn't have an SD card slot. I personally won't touch a smart device
without one--I'm not OLD SCHOOL, I'm just irredeemably beyond ancient
school! In Android land, we still want to anoint you Senior Android
Apostle, so don't chicken out quite yet from exploring our wine offerings!

Denver, Colorado

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