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I completely understand what Pam is saying.  Why shouldn’t we expect a tech representative to come out to our house if we pay for unlimited insurance? That agreement is usually in the unlimited insurance plan, it is called in home service.  This might be another way for the company to make more money from us consumers, so I expect the tech representative to do the trouble shooting instead of me.  Now, if someone doesn’t pay for the unlimited insurance, well, be prepared to do your own trouble shooting!   . 

It has nothing to do with playing the Blind card.  It has to do with whatever the consumer chooses to pay for!  I also can’t hardly understand what the reps are saying, and they can’t hardly understand what I am saying, and this does definitely pose a serious communication problem!  If the rep can’t understand me and I can’t understand them, that’s all the more reason they need to come out to the house, and they can see the computer problem!  What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another! 



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what do you mean?

You can't expect the support rep   to send out an engineer without first doing some trouble shooting.

And I have been able to understand all the agents who have handled my calls.

Just because where blind we shouldn't play the helpless card.

On 12/09/2017 9:50 PM, Pamela Dominguez wrote:

Good for you.  Some of us can’t deal with those people we can’t understand, and who can’t understand us, and who always expect us to have somebody to look at the screen for us.  Pam.


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I think that getting an extended support plan is very much worth it.


Both my desktop and laptop have had  major repairs done.


First the hard drive failed then there was a over heating issue.


Why are people hating on Dell?


I've personally had nothing but great customer service and the products work well.


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I disagree that an extended warranty on a desktop PC is a waste of money.  During the five year period that was covered by the extended warranty I took out on my previous Dell desktop, it was repaired free of charge twice onsite, once to replace a failing hard drive, and the second time to replace a defective DVD drive.  According to Consumer Reports, Dell actually has better customer support than most of the other PC makers.  And according to my techie friend, all PC makers,require customers to perform diagnostic testing, which, for the most part requires sighted assistance, before they will send a service technician to the customer’s home or place of business.  Besides Dell, HP and Linobo have this policy.  Of course, you could always try to fix a broken PC yourself if you are handy.  But good luck getting your PC to work again if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.





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There are a lot of satisfied blind Dell owners.  Before deciding what to do or not to do in terms of purchasing a computer, the only way to make an informed, and not an emotional decision, is to try to find out what other companies do in terms of sending people to service a machine.  As I said, I would never waste money buying a service agreement from any company and if you don't do that, this problem might be moot.  Dell or other companies might be very happy to send a tech out if you were paying for the specific visit and not having the visit be made under extended warranty. 



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It’s just my opinion, but I think your big mistake was in buying a Dell.  By the way: they can do more stuff, because they set up my whole computer and got it running and stuff.  As far as just replacing parts, maybe they are not supposed to do more, but some of them do.  A guy who came to replace a keyboard in a laptop for me also got rid of the box that demands a password, and also got rid of that MSN messenger that was on there.  Maybe he didn’t get rid of it, but he made them so they didn’t pop up.  When I needed a defective drive replaced, the guy set up my email and I think he put back some of the stuff that was in there on the old drive.  That was not the same guy.  So, it depends on how strictly they stick to the rules.  But yes, I believe you did get screwed if that computer was brand new and it was like that.  Pam.


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Subject: [TechTalk] My brand new laptop,Dell, has crapped out


I got the laptop this week and my friend/tutor spent  six hours setting it up.  I was thrilled.  I purchased a oneyear”prime”service plan which promised in home service.  I called them and after spleaking to five people before I was in the correct department,  I was informed that I needed a sighted person to do some kind of trouble shooting before someone would come out.  The field person only replaces parts.  They say that he can’t do any trouble shooting.  I feel that I’ve been screwed and told them so.  This is the sixth or seventh dell I’ve bought and the last one.






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