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Hey old grumpy dude,
Whatever works for you, by all means go for it!

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I still use a basic Landline for our main phone. My wife has a Cell phone,
but it is quite basic, as she isn't interested in Texting or running around
on the Internet.

I do not own a Cell phone mostly because I never actually needed one.

I had the chance to play with an I Phone and sure, it could do a lot of
fun and interesting things, but how many of them do I really need? Are
the features in a smart phone worth the $500 or more price tag?

To me they are not. While I have wanted to use a Cell phone a handful of
times when I was away from any other phones, again, for those few times, it
isn't worth the money for the phone, and the Plan to go with it. For me, it
just isn't a wise use of my already too sparce amount of money.

However, all that being said, Illinois looks to be allowing AT&T to stop
supporting their Copper Wire Installations in the State. This will force
everyone to go to something else.

There are other phones, and plans that might even turn out to be cheaper
every month than the Copper Landline phones. They don't talk, or Text,
or much of anything else, but they still work like a normal phone, although,
they are sometimes quite small.

Easy to misplace, lose and not find for two days.

I am curious, Does any Company make a normal sized Desk Phone, that is a
Cell phone. Say one that has is cord running out the back, and to an
Antenna on the house roof?

I like using a normal size phone, rather than some tiny slip of a thing
phone that doesn't cover your ear, nor does it come down to your mouth.

Call me the Old Grumpy Dude, but I like what I like, and those very small
phones with those very small buttons are just not something I like.
I will use them if there is nothing else, but I like a full size phone on my

And as for carrying one, I just don't need a phone to carry around with me.

I do go places, but if I am with others, I am with them. Someone calling me
on the phone shouldn't take priority over those I am with.
Or at least that's how I see it.

Grumpy Dave

Dave <dlh007@...>

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