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Hi Olusegun,
This is good to know. Although, I do love both keypads on the iPhone. I
just was curious because some of my friends who worked with computer
keyboards for several years, are having a bit of trouble using either of the
Apple keypads on the iPhone, and I'm trying to understand why would that be,
if they used the computer keyboards.


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Sis Janet, the Anddroid keypad is the same as on a PC. Example: the A S D
F are all on the same row. You can select which keyboard emulation rocks
your boat--QWERTY, PC style from wherever. I prefer the USPC layout and
that's what I use. There are also lots of keyboard apps to choose from:
GBoard from Google, Swipe, Technical Keyboard, Hub and several more.
There's one called the Blind Accessibility Keyboard. This keyboard does
have control, Alt and cursor keys you are familiar with on a regular
computer. It does cost about $5 if memory serves, it's been a while since I
picked it up. I don't use it much; I only bought it to support continuous
development. The developer hasn't done much with it in recent times
especially since he and his wife had a baby.

Since you're more familiar with iOS, the Hub keyboard might be your friend
whilst you learn Android. Why so? Well, when you find the letter you need,
you will have to tap on it twice to register the keypress. I use Touch &
Lift. I don't have the Hub keyboard, but I have several others that I play
with time and time again.

Denver, Colorado

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