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LOL exactly how long is never?

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And because Verizon and the other major phone companies have underestimated the cost of installing fiber optic cable, it may never be installed in these rural areas, where the cost of installing it to serve such small populations would be considered prohibitive.


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The reason why they want to get rid of the land line service here is because they claim it is costing to much money to keep it running, and because the majority of residents have either a smart phone or a cell phone!

And then there are places like rural Kentucky and Virginia/West Virginia, South Carolina, way down in rural Georgia, upstate New York and Vermont, way up north here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where they still have phone networks that haven't been upgraded since the 50s or earlier. In those areas, you are lucky to get ADSL; and even then like I said, you are very lucky. Most places have to get by on 56k dialup. The other option is satellite internet which is still 150 300 dollars a month and even more, depending on the company. And if you have a cloudy day, there goes your twitter tweetin and facebook wallin. So, as hard as it is to believe when people are whining about only getting three bars of cell signal, there are still people out there who are lucky to get 56k dialup and scream for joy when they finally get 512k DSL.

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