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Yes, but you also took the opportunity to insult Gene as well.  And if you don't like being reminded that you can be extremely closed minded, tough.

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Excuse me, why don’t you bother to read Jeff’s message before you jump all over me?    He said that he wasn’t comfortable with ribbon menus.  He has reiterated this more than once.  I encouraged him to try the JAWS virtual ribbon feature and not be discouraged by others who insist that trying this feature makes him less of a human being.  If you have a problem with that,tough.
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As usual Gerald is quick to criticize and dismiss others opinions, but the minute you question some of his own attitudes, he accuses you of attacking him.  His dislike of ribbons just gives him something else to add to the long list of things that blind people supposedly either can't use well or can't do at all.
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From: Gene
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I always like to see people discouraging blind people from developing into more competent and confident computer users just because they don't like a feature.  I already sent an article to the list, did you read it, which explains that the JAWS Virtual ribbons are not as good an interface as ribbons and explains why in specific detail with an example or two.  If you don't like ribbons, fine.  If you want to discuss what you don't like about them, fine.  That's different from actively discouraging people from trying something new and from learning the feature.  And that's different from attacking those who encourage trying things you don't like and impuning their motives. 
Actively discouraging others from learning them is not a good idea. 
And we all know who you are insulting with your description of me as high and mighty.  Another ad hominem attack, which I discussed your propensity for yesterday.  I am not advocating that people use or at least try using ribbons out of what you term a high and mighty attitude.  I'm doing so because the real ribbons had certain advantages, if you use the JAWS virtual ribbons you are becoming dependent on JAWS and if you want to switch or consider switching to another screen-reader, you will be less likely to do so, and because if you don't try new things, you may not be as competent and confident a computer user in general.  I just love people who actively discourage others from learning and trying new things, especially those who discourage blind computer users from doing so.  Many blind people don't have the confidence it would be good if they had as blind computer users.  Trying new things may increase that confidence.  You never answered the specific objections to ribbons in the article I linked to on the subject about a week ago.  You never said, I tried this objection to see if it is right and it is or it isn't.  You never explained why the author's objections and mine to discouraging the use of real ribbons is incorrect.
And your attack completely backfired.  I wasn't going to comment on this thread at all but your insults caused me to decide to do so.  I wasn't going to comment because I had discussed everything I had to say about ribbons when the subject  came up about a week ago and I saw no reason to repeat what I had said.  But of course, without even waiting to see if I wrote anything in the thread, you just had to both attack me and actively discourage learning and trying something new.
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You can restore the familiar classic menu structure by enabling the JAWS
virtual ribbon feature. To do this, launch the JAWS Help menu, and scroll
down to the Start-Up wizard.  On the third page of the Start Up wizard,
check the box to enable virtual ribbons and click on the Okay button.  The
menus in Outlook will now appear like the classic menus you are familiar
with.  And don't let anyone discourage you from trying this feature because
of their high and mighty attitude that it is better to learn how to navigate
the ribbon menus than sticking with what you are comfortable with.


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They don't have to be free.

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I do not know any free ones, sorry!

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