GPS route planning

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  When the trekker maestro was current it was possible to plan a route by entering an origin point then the destination point.  You could then examine the route before attempting it.  In other words from my home I could set the origin point as a train station hundreds of miles from my location and put in the destination; say a hotel or restaurant and preview the route in advance.  When the Trekker Maestro was discontinued and the Trekker Breeze, then the Breeze plus took it's place that feature was discontinued.  As I understand it the new Victor Reader Trek will also not have this helpful feature.  Does anybody know of an accessible GPS system that does have this feature or iPhone app that has the feature?  I have Blindsquare and it doesn't have this ability.  I've listened to podcasts about the RNIB navigator but that also didn't appear to have this feature.  In looking for something with that feature It would appear that the emphasis with accessible GPS is more on orientation than route finding or planning.  By the way, I'm in the UK so that might limit what is available or can be suggested.  Walter.

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