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Another question about the JAWS OCR is that we don't know if you can adjust it.  Openbook has all sorts of settings for adjustment.  If the JAWS OCR doesn't have such adjustments, it may be fine for a good deal of work but may not do nearly as well as Openbook when difficult scanning conditions are encountered. 
Also, and I don't know if it's true, but on a list I follow, someone said that Omnipage is going to be used by JAWS.  Omnipage used to have a decolumnization bug which caused text to be randomly misplaced when decolumnizing pages with columns or when scanning two pages simultaneously.  I don't know if it's been fixed, but the but was in the program for a long time. 
Openbook uses more than one scanning engine but the last time I read about this, it uses Fine Reader to decolumnize text, thus avoiding the Omnipage decolumnization bug. 
We'll have to see what wpeople say as they test the feature.
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Yes, I heard that too.  They really passed over the scanner and pushed hard on Pearl.  I have an Epson scanner and the drivers for Window ten are on their web site.  As I said, I finagled a copy of Open Book ffor one fifty as I had a copy at work.  I really liked open book and depending on how jaws does ocr, I maiy stick with open book.  It’s a fine program.


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