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Because Classic Shell only substitutes the "Start" menu and offers a couple of other enhancements.  It does nothing about virtual ribbons in programs like Office.

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why not use classicshell it's free?
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Hi Again Jeffrey,
I had to resend because I noticed some punctuation at the end of a URL.  Came across this thread in my notes.  It might be just what you're looking for:
From: Dujari, Prateek
yes I'm a huge proponent and very pleased user of 'classic menus for office' for both office 07 and office 10 which can be purchased at
  Very simple, everything is totally accessible. Once installed and activated, hitting alt Q together and then q again brings up the classic menu in all its glory.
From: CM54
It looks to be about $40
I also came across a free option at:
Has anyone tried this option with Jaws?
From: Dujari, Prateek
this free option is only for Office home /student and thus only applies to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If that is all u care about then sure it should work for free.
From: Glen Jan
Direct link to the office menu purchase / download page.  It is a bit of
a dog's breakfast though:
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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I'm not ignorant,  I have a Ph.d. in my field and before I retired I was the
go to guy for computers at my work site and for virtually all blind users at
the entire VA system I may be a bit long in the tooth, but I simply want the
old menu structure.  What advantage did MS think it was providing with these
ribbons?  My sighted friends hate them as much as I do.  Why should we be
forced to Learn a whole new way of doing things just so MS could make more
money?  I'd really be grateful to anyone who could point me to such a

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Hi all,

RE ribbons, scarlet or otherwise, I just use the ribbons in their natural
state.  It's not difficult.  It's not arcane  or mysterious. 
It's just like the regular menus except that they're arranged somewhat

Agree the virtual ribbons increase dependency on Jaws, but if that's the
only screen reader being used, and there's no employment or educational
goals, they work just fine.

Ann P.

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