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Sigh.  I am not unwilling to drop the subject for the sake of avoiding further conflict and so that we can move on, but for future reference, I don't appreciate unsupported accusations which are now starting to cross the line into becoming insulting.  If you didn't want to discuss or support your accusations, then you should have never made them to begin with.

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I’m not going to waste ours going through my trash bin to provide you with specific examples.  I’m done with this and will simply delete any e mails that come in with this topic line..  If you find it necessary to clear your  name  with other, I think you do protest too much   Finally, this has nothing to do with Gene.



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And I don't know that Jeff necessarily confused Gene's statements with my own.  His replies to Gene's messages would seem to indicate that is not the case.  Although it is possible he may have misinterpreted something I said which is why I asked for particular references.  Although I find the statement that I supposedly did everything possible to discourage him from using the virtual ribbon option in JAWS to be very specific, but unsupported.

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If there was a misunderstanding, that is unfortunate.  Misunderstandings are inevitable, but neither Carlos nor I wrote dictatorial messages.


I don't know just what passage or passages Jeff objects to in Carlos' messages.  If Carlos said something like, you don't need more computer skills to work with ribbons, or some variation of that statement and there are many possible ways to say it, he wasn't denegrading anyone or any skill level.  He was simply saying that working with ribbons doesn't require more skill than working with menus, it just requires learning how to work with a different structure.  He was talking about whether ribbons are difficult to use.  He wasn't saying that anyone should use them. 


If a salesman says, this product is so easy to use, a five-year-old could use it, he isn't saying anything about the prospective purchaser.  He is telling the prospective customer that the item is very simple to use and that's all.



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Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> Show me one quote where I dictated or pressured or did anything else to insist that Jeff use ribbons.  I gave my opinions about ribbons and the JAWS Virtual ribbons.

I offer no opinion as to whether or not you meant it that way; just that the poster was seeming to indicate such feelings. I don't care about the subject one way or another. The messages he was talking about came from you, whereas Carlos seemed to remain objectively neutral.

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