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Note that my previous reply was not based on personal testing so you might want to either wait for other replies or do more research before wasting money on an adapter which might or might not work.

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Welcome to the list.

I saw your message, but I don't really have a good answer for your question. What kind of connections does the wireless modem have available? You said you have used the phone jack on laptops before. For the record, although they look similar, most laptops have an ethernet/network port, not a phone jack. That being the case, you might be able to use an adapter such as the following.
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I’m Sharon Hooley. I don’t remember posting here before, but I see that it’s got a good amount of traffic. Thanks to those who keep it running!

Anyway, is there such a thing as a USB cable for wireless modems? I’ve used the phone jack on laptops before, but my Mac doesn’t have that kind of setup. I’d like to get the most out of my 12 BPM data.


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