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The one you ordered about a year and a half ago? That was the Summit
3000 and I do believe it does have a normal USB port so you can plug
in your charging cable. It's the smaller brother to the MyCharge 6000
with less mAh but looks and feels the same. i'll have to hunt around
and see if I can find the one we couldn't sell because only the iPhone
part of it worked so I can guide you to the USB port. It's around here


On 9/16/17, Pamela Dominguez <> wrote:
I got it from Laz Mesa. Pam.

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Where did you get the talking power bank?

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Unfortunately, I bought the talking power bank, and it doesn't have a cable
that fits my cellphone, or a place to plug in my cellphone charger. Pam.

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Power banks are reasonably priced these days. I wager that most folks have
one handy for use in an emergency, and they probably keep it in their
just so they can have access to it when needed.

I do bring one with me whenever my restless legs prowl towards the airport
to throw me out of this place for several weeks! I do find myself in areas
of this great universe where electricity is just a name on paper, it's
actually there, and, if it does show up, only for a few hours a day. With
my 26,000 mAh power bank, I've gone a bit longer than a week without
a recharge. Why? Well, my clunky, ancient and minor Shiny Android toy
needs a charge once every two days! Guess I'm a "sickhead" lucky brat in
this regard. Oh well, I am here trying to map out where my parachute
drop next!

Denver, Colorado

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