Seeing Eye & RNIB navigator

Walter Ramage

Hi guys.  Just a slight change of direction from "GPS route planning" to a specific product.


I notice that in the App store the Sendero Seeing Eye GPS system is available for £200 and The RNIB navigator is subscription based (£2.99 per month.  Now keeping in mind both those products are Sendero products I'm wondering just what is the difference between them?  I've listened to podcasts demonstrating both products and from what I can tell both are exactly the same, well, I think they are.  At first before checking I thought that Seeing Eye was American based only and couldn't be obtained here and that The RNIB Navigator was the UK version but since both are offered in the UK app store I'm now not sure.


In addition: if one purchases the Seeing Eye product for £200 then must you pay for future map updates and if one opts for the RNIB Navigator then does the monthly subscription include any future map updates?  Anybody who has experience or knowledge with either or both of these products your comments would be appreciated.  Walter.

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