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I'm not quite sure I understand this insistence some have to take the discussion off list.  Doesn't that sort of defeat the point of a discussion group which is to share information?  Wouldn't it be better to continue the discussion here so that others can benefit from the exchange?

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Jeff write me off line  I have one and use it all the time.


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I am very grateful to the person who posted this issue.  My wife is severely disabled and can’t stand at the stove.  I was the chef until I lost all of my vision.  If there are any folks who use this can you tel me about your experiences.  The first thing I’d like to make is chili.  The beef cubes and onions need to be browned  first..  Can I do this in the pressure cooker?  Then I’d add all of my secret ingredients and cooke then slowly.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Instant Pot Bluetooth on sale


Hello list,

I know this item has come up on the list in the past due to its apparent iOS app accessibility and seems to be a favorite among the visually impaired crowd for accessible cooking.

I noticed earlier today that the Bluetooth model is on sale from its usual $160 to $128 on Amazon. IN case anyone’s been interested in getting one.


I was able to price match with BestBuy and applied some rewards points I had accumulated to get it down to $80, but still $128 isn’t a bad price if you don’t have some BestBuy gift cards on hand to go along with the price matching.

IN any event, just thought I’d throw out this PSA for those who have been thinking of getting one but were holding off because of the price.



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