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My guess is that the tray icon is managed by a separate executable. So when you close it, the tray icon will not appear, but the program should still be running in the background. I wouldn't worry about placing it in the startup folder. There are other ways for the program to run at startup without a shortcut in the startup folder. It could be started as a service, by Task Scheduler, and so on.

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I was able to find some of the email regarding this issue from
before--I was out of town for a week. From what I gather it is the
version 3.2.x doing this? I don't have this issue with my old computer
which is why I ask. I'm thinking that since I have an installer that
says "2.1.1" I could reinstall that if I'm having issues.
I recently got a new computer, upgraded windows 10 pro, and installed
MB from a setup file I had saved. When it said to upgrade I didn't
think anything of it, I was thinking definitions honestly, and it
upgraded to 3.2.2. I remember hearing about the invisible window that
pops up, I get that on startup. I just alt f4 it. Today though I was
checking my system tray and I don't see it in there. I went through
the setting for taskbar, the part where you pick and choose which
icons to show, and I had two options for malwarebytes. One was called
malware bytes and the other MBAMgui.exe. I know both are the program,
but no matter what combo I used with one on, one off, both off, or
switched around it will not show in the system tray.
I also went to startup option within the task manager and it wasn't an
option. I even looked in c cleaner and did not see it there. I added
it manually to the startup folder (using one of the tutorials I found
that explained how to copy the short cut of a program in a folder to
have it run at startup.) With how my luck goes that might fix it, but
I wanted to get more input on that situation.
Even though it is not showing in the sys tray it is still running?
When I alt f4 the window it is still running?

I thought that it was default for it to add itself to the startup when
you first install it, am I not seeing it because of this bug?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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