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I personally don't watch a lot of television and I'm very picky about the few shows that I do watch. I find having to subscribe to yet another service just for one show fairly annoying. Individually these services don't usually cost very much, but they do add up after a while if you sign up for enough of them.

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just signed up for CBS all access last week and I am loving it. I watch mainly on my Apple TV and although there are a few small quirks, it is accessible and it offers a wealth of shows and movies as well as local live TV. There is a seven day trial and then it is 5.99 a month but I think it well worth the cost.

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They purposely made the first episode available for free on CBS to
promote the online streaming service, CBS All Access, subscription
platform. I think they have a free 14 day trial or something like
that so you'll probably need to sign up online and then use your
credentials to sign in on your apple tv or you can probably view it on
a web browser. If you do sign up, let us know how you made out.

May the force be with you, oh wait, wrong franchise. lol


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This sunday, star trek discovery comes on cbs. But all new episodes
after that are on cbs all access. I have comcast xfinity tv with the dvr
and on demand set top box. Is cbs all access accessible? I also have an
apple tv box. And I have netflix. Will it be on netflix? Or will I have
to subscribe to cbs all access? And is cbs all access, is it accessible
at all?


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