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One thing worth trying is left clicking while you are reviewing the text with the JAWS cursor or object navigation.  Sometimes even if an edit field/control is capable of receiving keyboard focus, it does not necessarily do so automatically.  If it does not work, then it is not necessarily a standard edit control and may not be capable of receiving keyboard focus.

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My guess is that there isn't a cursor on screen so the screen-reader doesn't have any way to allow you to move around and read since the program, obviously, doesn't support browse mode or the virtual PC cursor, the equivalent of browse mode in other screen-readers. 
Without making modifications to the actual program and without setting up something like a JaWs frame or a hyperactive Window in Window-eyes, the best way to have JAWs read might be to set the screen echo to all before you issue a command to bring up a screen of text.  JAWS will automatically start to read the screen. 
You can't move with the cursor keys, but you can move down by using the right shift key and up by using the left shift key.  So you can skim that way or look around sort of as though you were using the arrow keys, but you're using the shift keys instead.
I won't go into changing the screen echo in JAWS in this message because I don't know what you already know.
I will say that for this kind of thing, JAWS is significantly superior to Window-eyes and NVDA can't do it at all.
That is, if you want the screen to read automatically and skim as I described, when you can't move the cursor and continue reading automatically from where you decide to read, JAWS is best suited for that specific kind of use.
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I have downloaded and Installed a Bible program called "the Word". 

JAWS, Window Eyes and NVDA all read the programs Menus, but none will
read the main display area where Text from various Reference Books are
I can Read the desired text with the Window Eyes Mouse, but I really
need to read this text when I move up and down by using the Cursor Keys. 

Is there any way to force any Screen Reader to read this Text?

Or can anyone  tell me what changes I need to tell the Owner of the
Program, as to what they could do to make their program more accessible?


Grumpy Dave

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