The end of my shiny Android saga.

Carolyn Arnold

We went to get the phone. At first, we could not get Voice
Assist; so I had her download Talkback, having problem
getting Speech to Text to stay in, might have to go back,
had hard time getting it in first place, but the lady who
waited on us was Spanish speaking, and could read from the
User Manual, which was only in Chinese and Spanish. Isn't it
just always something, but no speech, no phone for me. All
smart phones are supposed to have that capability, and she
had it at the store, but not here. Jim tried. We'll see how
it goes after lunch.

We went back to Cricket a second time, and she got the
speech going, showed Jim how. It kept going down at home.
While he napped I did some calling, Samsung and LG. LG is
the type phone I had with Verizon, plus I got us closed with
Verizon. So, Jim got it talking. We went back to Cricket,
because the man from LG assured me that the LG Tru that
Cricket had was accessible. We went; it was. By the time we
got there, speech was off again on the smart phone. I paid
$30, and the plan for a flip phone for unlimited talk and
text is $25, so will pay for the phone in six months savings
on the plan I had. Tax is included in their price if you opt
for them to draw it from your card. It operates differently
from the LG that I had, but already, I have found that it
does stuff the other one did not. All in all, although
pretty stressed over the day and poor Jim too, but I am very
happy. Nice little phone, and the case she had given me for
the other phone will hold this phone, plus I put my key
thing through it. I have one of those that just opens, and I
can take the ring off. So now they are together, makes it
really good there.

The one really big thing that this phone does that the other
LG did not is that when I come to a contact, say John Smith,
it will read John Smith, 919-000000000000 whatever the
number is. It has a tiny round button on it, you can press
it, and TTS is off; let a sightie use it. Take it back,
press it, boom, it says TTS is on.

Best from,


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