Re: The end of my shiny Android saga.

Carolyn Arnold

It is the LG Tru. I haven't figured out how to make it say
battery status, but when the battery is low, it says
"battery low," and when you connect it beeps four times,
when the battery is out of the low, low range.

The guy at LG told me, "it reads menus." I remember Gene
pointing out that aspect. It does a thorough job of it, even
will tell me, like if you were in my list, Ann Parks,
102/138. I currently have 138 contacts. I haven't had it 24
hours yet and already am doing lots of stuff with the thing.
Jim said that phone was made for blind people. It's just
that we can do stuff with things that are accessible; that
is the difference.

Best from,


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Hi all,

Carolyn, Which LG did you say this was? Does it make adding
easy? Can you get the battery status? Does it tell you
who texts are
from when you go to the inbox?

Ann P.

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