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Peter Spitz


If you purchase the cast iron weight, they are going to have different
sizes for each different weight. That's how I separate the 5,10 and
25 pound discs. That may be easier than looking for a tactile number.



On 9/24/17, heather albright <> wrote:
I got my matt and now I am trying to get a weight set with tactile numbers
on the weights. I cant remember which brand had those tactile or edged the
numbers on the ends of the weights. They used them at the school for the
blind in Texas. I have a couple of weights but, the numbers are in print and
I cant feel them. The gym I am using only has non tactile numbers on their
weights too. Are these weights still being made or what? Just curious before
I have to start labeling the weights myself!
Thanks Heather

Heather Albright
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