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It might be something that's specific to certain models, but yes, the ability to turn off the touch pad on some of them does indeed work. He either needs to do a little better on his research or perhaps the model he's telling you about doesn't have the ability. Mine as an example has two different pointing devices, the touchpad and the trackpoint, which is sorta like a little joystick slightly below and between the g and h keys on the keyboard, so normaly I disable the touchpad and only use the trackpoint.
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Hello I was told by Lenovo that they do not have any separation from the arrows with their keyboards and I like the separation of the arrow keys, not a big separation just to know that they are the arrow keys. Also the rep said, they did not have the application key on the keyboard! Also that I could not turn off my track pad so when I type, I do not move the track pad while I am typing! So any one who has a Lenovo is this correct? Cheers Heather


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