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Michael Mote

Hi Heather!  It really depends on the amount of disk space that you need.  SSD drives are faster, and you can definitely tell the difference in speed when loading your programs. 

I use both on a daily basis.  I have a 128 GHZ SSD drive.  I am also using an external drive to store a lot of additional files.  I would also recommend using things like One Drive or Google Drive for storage.  This way you have access to your files no matter what system you are using. 

These are my thoughts.  Hope this helps!



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Hello, I having issues trying to decide on my knew laptop. Where is the deal, hp saids I don’t need the other drive and just need an ssd drive of 256 with 16 gb. So where are all the files going to go and how will affect jaws useage etc. DO I need the other drive too?  I really wish all this stuff was in a store that I can go too, this online thing is really giving me headaches; how can you buy something and you cant see it! I always see items in the store and purchease them online for cheaper prices! Sie, Heather


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