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You can use iTunes;

Assuming the song is available in iTunes:

1. Right click on the song and click Get Info.

2. Click the Options tab.

3. Select the start and end times for your tone. No more than 40 seconds.

4. Click OK.

5. From the File menu, click Convert > Create ACC version.

6.There will be 2 versions of the song - The 'normal' version and the newly created 'tone' version.

7. Right click the tone version and select Show in Windows explorer.

8. Rename the tone version to songname.m4r

9. Either copy and paste or cut and paste the tone to the Automatically Added to iTunes folder under c:\username\MyMusic\iTunes\iTunes Media.

When you open Tunes, you should see your newly created tone. If you did a copy/paste, you can delete the tone from the Album > Artist folder if you want.

Hope this helps, this should get you started.

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Does anyone know of an accessible app to create music ringtones or any

Also, how do most of you obtain and download ringtones, I'm an IOS user.

Thanks for any help, Rick LJ

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