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All our players resume where you left off listening. You can check out
the Sansa Clip Zip Talking MP3 Player here:

Check out our Talking Book Reader here:


On 10/6/17, john s <> wrote:
I used to have a Sansa Clip player and it picked up where I left off in a

At 10:49 AM 10/6/2017, you wrote:

That is one of the advantages of using an audio book player in lieu
of a mp3 player to listen to books. The navigation and playback
features of an audio book player are more geared towards reading
than those on a mp3 player. However, the book players are typically
more expensive than the mp3 players. They do play more formats
however. Look at the Bookport sole by the American Printing House or
the Plextalk Pocket sold by Freedom Scientific.


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One of the major problems with mp3 players is that they always want
to start at the beginning of the play list or track. When you're
listening to audio books, this is not desirable behavior.
Is there an mp3 player or app for android that will resume playback
where it was stopped, rather than starting at the beginning of the
file or playlist.


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